GPC Leadership Review: The Results Are In!

Congratulations Elizabeth May-93.6%WRGREENS FINALavatarGreen Party policy requires  a leadership review following  every election.

In spite of disappointing  results in the most strategically voted election in Canadian history,  the federal Green Party membership rallied in support of Ms. May, who has infused the party with her inspiring leadership.  The month long review returned a stunning 93.6% approval!

“I’m humbled to receive a strong mandate from our engaged membership to continue in my role as leader,” May said in a statement to reporters Monday.

“I will continue to pursue critical issues that are so important to our members, from climate action to restoring legitimacy in the environmental review process, from ending subsidies for fossil fuels to becoming a world leader in the 21st century renewable energy economy.”

— Elizabeth May,
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May receives 93.6% support in party review

The Waterloo Region Greens are pleased to extend our warmest congratulations!


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