A Day in the Park

Nonviolence Festival Booth at the Multicultural Festival

This year our own Bob Jonkman (Kitchener—Conestoga) has been involved in organizing the annual Nonviolence Festival Day In the Park.  This family friendly free festival is held in the cool shade of the Victoria Park island.

Building New Relations

The world is built through our relationships – each of us affecting the other, and being affected by our surroundings.

Building New Understanding

The way we understand the world (our personal values, beliefs, philosophies, etc.) guide what we do in the world.

A change in consciousness equals a change in the world.

Building New Strengths

As we continue to act in the spirit of nonviolence, we grow internally, developing new skills and comprehensions.

By working together in new ways we open the future to new personal and social possibilities.


The first Nonviolence Fair and Concert was held in 2005, in Waterloo Park. It was organized by volunteers to highlight the many positive activities in Waterloo region.

— Nonviolence Festival

Drop by and say “hi” to the folk at the Green Party information booth!
And don’t forget to sign Elizabeth’s electoral reform petition!

Nonviolence Festival Day in the Park

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