An Enemy of the People ~ Tonight!

cast of "Enemy of the People"

Last night Bob Jonkman and I were pleased to attend Waterloo Green Richard Walsh’s production of “Enemy of the People.”

Richard adapted Henrik Ibsen’s classic 1882 play, setting it in contemporary Canada. This tale of environmental whistleblowing is especially poignant in a province that lived through the Walkerton Crisis, and even more so for those of us in the town of Elmira (Kitchener-Conestoga), where our aquifer was so badly compromised by industrial pollution, our municipal water supply must be piped in from Waterloo. Bob was struck by the similarity to our municipal environmental politics.

Tonight is your last chance to see this excellent production:

8pm November 12th, 2016
Christ Lutheran Church, 445 Anndale Road, Waterloo (Davenport & Lexington)
call for tickets 519-885-4050
General Admission | adults $15 | students $10

David Clayworth, Richard Walsh and Ken Noakes

[Note: more photos available in my Flickr Album ~ Laurel]

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