Meet The Nominees #KitCen

Candidate Nominee Ian Graham in conversation at the WRGreens PreNomination Social

Ian Graham has lived in Kitchener Centre since 1994 and seen many changes to the downtown core. He is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, receiving a BA in Music in 1991.

Ian was inspired to pursue a nomination for the Green Party of Canada because of his belief that we have the technology, resources, and will power to transform Canada to a better future with clean energy and make an environment that is healthy for all Canadians to be part of. Inspired by his Dad who bought a cottage and made it off grid, he realized that there are many ways to be independent and take better care of our environment. Ian also feels strongly that we can do better in our education system, giving the benefits of art, music and even financial knowledge with the foundations of core subjects. Health care has been ever more on his mind as he has seen the impact of dementia on his Mom recently.

Ian has been employed in many things from music to technology. He is one of the founding members of WREVA (Waterloo Region Electric Vehicle Association) who hosts the largest event in Canada for National Drive Electric Week. With his passion for renewable energy, Ian walks the walk, having installed multiple solar arrays and driving everything from a van on vegetable oil to multiple electric cars. He researches the economics and investments of renewable energy and feels that Canada has a huge opportunity for this trillion dollar economy.  He feels strongly that moving to a clean energy economy has the benefit of numerous jobs, independence and even more importantly, taking the strain off of our health care system.

Ian is a huge fan of the band RUSH, passionate for hockey, playing 3-4 times a week himself and cheering on the Maple Leafs, and enjoys being away at his family’s off grid cottage north of Manitoulin Island. He also has been the organist at St. Columba Church in Waterloo for over 28 years and works with many local musicians helping them record their music.

Ian looks forward to learning new skills and abilities with the Green Party in 2019.

Follow Ian on Twitter @redbartesla

The nomination contest will be held on Wednesday, 6 March 2019 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

New location!
Descendants Beer & Beverage Co.
319 Victoria Street North, (Map)
Kitchener, Ontario

This is a free event, but please register at Eventbrite.

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