Still time to get a sign!

It is October 1st, in less than 3 weeks a new parliament will have been elected.

There is lots you can do to help ensure Greens are elected in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and beyond!

  1. Volunteer to help your local candidate
  2. Donate money to your local candidate
  3. Get a Green sign for your lawn
  4. Tell 5 people you are Voting Green and Why
  5. All of the Above

2 thoughts on “Still time to get a sign!

  1. Someone already put a Green Party on my property. I don’t feel guilty about not paying for it because I have donated $800. But if there is one with Stephanie Goertz’s name or picture on it, I will put it out there. And pay for it.

    Shannon PurvesSmith


  2. Hi Shannon, Thank you so much for your support. You do not need to pay for the sign. We will look into getting you a Stephanie sign if possible. THANK YOU.


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