The Waterloo Region Greens has several committees, which meet on the alternate month from our regular meetings. Please contact the Committee Chair if you’d like to join a committee.

Nomination Committee
Find candidates in all five Waterloo Region electoral districts for both Federal and Provincial elections.

Chair: Kris Braun

Events Committee
Ensure that Waterloo Region Greens has a presence at community events such as WR Nonviolence Day In The Park, Open Streets &c. Maintain the information table materials.

Organize events put on by Waterloo Region Greens such as Social Nights and Meet The Candidates. Keep the WRGreens Events Calendar up-to-date.

Chair: Bob Jonkman

Volunteer Committee
Find people who can help run campaigns, staff events, canvass with candidates, and do all of the other work needed for a political party.

Chair: Stacey Danckert

Membership Committee
Find people interested in Green ideas, and encourage them to join the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Ontario.

Chair: Tori Mikhnovsky

Communications Committee
Keep in touch with local newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. Write letters to the editors. Create press releases and information table materials.

Chair: Tori Mikhnovsky

Fundraising Committee
Find donors to contribute funds for the running of the Waterloo Region Greens’ Electoral District Associations (the Federal riding associations) and Constituency Associations (the Provincial riding associations). Manage the funds for WRGreens.

Chair: (vacant)