Meeting Notes of 25 June 2018

Ontario Election 2018 Debriefing Meeting

Date: 25 June 2018
Location: The Accelerator Centre, 44 Gaukel Street, Kitchener, Ontario

Campaign Feedback


Bob Jonkman’s Campaign
Feedback from Bob Jonkman and Laurel Russwurm

  • They had limited volunteers even though there were volunteers not used.
  • They had tried to coordinate signs but signs would pop up in spots
  • Not having a coordinated team was a detriment
  • Would like to have more people to help give advice
  • There were a lot of paper candidates. They did not have campaigns, nor engaged in activities… Green Party should be ensuring all candidates are playing their part and that all candidates feel supported.

Kitchener Centre

Stacey Danckert’s Campaign
Feedback from Tori:

  • Recommends that we get different sizes of road signs to reduce costs. Put the bigger ones on higher traffic locations.
  • All activities should be coordinated across Green party not just signs.

Kitchener South–Hespeler

David Weber’s Campaign
Feedback from Sharon Sommerville

  • David spent much of his time putting up signs.
  • They should have taken more data at the door
  • Positive: Public meetings and door knocks went well. David had a great sales pitch.


Michele Braniff’s Campaign
Feedback from Michele Braniff and Ingrid Douglas

  • Was very hard to coordinate signs.
  • Received comments “You came to my door, no other candidates have come to my door, you are getting my vote.”


Zdravko Gunjevic’s Campaign
Feedback from Kris Braun

  • He had a small campaign team. He was able to build it because of his personality.
  • What was helpful was that other candidates helped him especially when he was overbooked for events. Other candidates went to events in Waterloo for him.
  • Noticed that the number of residential property signs have seemed to be lower than previous years.
  • Kris Braun is focusing the Electoral District Association more Regionally and not just on their riding. Believes this is the best way to utilize efforts.


Q: How far a head should you start getting ready for the next campaign?

  • Bob Jonkman: “4 months to get volunteers ready. Start recruiting in June.”
  • Need to location to meet.
  • Give volunteers something to do immediately.
  • In order to not burn out volunteers the activities they are given should be normal to them.

Group Feedback

  • Signs should be coordinated Region Wide the same with Pamphlet/Literature drop.
  • Many attendees mentioned they never received mailers or pamphlets at their door
  • We need consistency in how we qualify people:
    Strong Green
    1. Have taken a sign
    2. Volunteered with Green Party
    3. Have given money

    Everything else is weak

  • Do not indicate the whole house is green if you have no talked with everyone. Make sure you verify you are talking to the right person on your list.
  • We need instruction manuals across all areas. Very important. There is no consistency in training even when volunteers are working in the same campaign.
  • Idea for raising money. Send notes or letters to people who have lawn signs asking them for a donation to cover more signs.
  • Shared resources such as CFO and funds
  • Merging ridings.. not just Waterloo Region. Include Guelph… Include areas around WR. Other candidates are feeling isolated.
  • GVOTE Glitches
    1. Data deosn’t go through, such as phone numbers and sign lists
    2. Need to have a box where volunteers can indicate that the person chooses not to say their vote instead of only being able to select “undecided”.
    3. Signs to be delivered would pop up on list 3 times
    4. Sign locations would disappear
    5. Data pollution — people in wrong riding lists
    6. people tagged as high green supporters were actually not
    7. Tried to call supporters, some said they did not want to talk, some asked to be taken off their list.
    8. No consistency in reporting in GVOTE regarding interest in Green (strong vs leaning)
    9. When we add people to our lists we don’t actually ask them if we can phone them about their voting choices.
  • Discussion regarding formalization of WR and exterior candidates
    1. We need clearer definitions of what it would mean to formalize group
    2. What do each of the role definitions mean? How many hours
    3. Are we doing everything Regional wide or are we still doing things by riding?
    4. Everyone wants some sort of structure
  • Meet Quarterly with all parties WR + external. Smaller focused groups to meet more often to work on initiatives. Volunteers to be directed to these groups based on their interests
  • Bob can create as many mailing lists as we want
  • Bob can create as many phone extensions and voicemailboxes as we want using his VOIP. This could be a number that stays with each riding.
  • Brant Greens used to have a monthly meeting “Brant Greens” Meet at a pub for green drinks, 6-7pm business meeting 7-9pm as a social evening inviting others to come chat and mix.
  • Remember to attend as many Green meetings across the Pronvince as possible specifically the Provincial AGM in Barrie Sept 15. If we have as many people as possible attending we can make our voices heard on what is important. Each registered member can take 10 proxy votes with them. We should be working on speaking with our members and getting proxy votes.

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