Welcome to the web page for the Cambridge Greens! We are the local associations for the Green Party of Ontario
and the Green Party of Canada for the Cambridge area!

There are many ways to get involved right here in your neighborhood.

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The Cambridge Greens are a group of people just like you. People who care about their neighborhood, the country and the world.

Whether you have a little bit of time to help or a lot, you are welcome to join our dynamic team of volunteers to help elect more phenomenal Green candidates to our legislatures!

We are always looking for people to be involved with our executive committee in various roles, as wells as helping out with building our base in between campaigns by helping out with data management and social media.

Ready to get on board, or have questions?

Email the campaign team:

Facebook: CbridgeGreens

Instagram: @CbridgeGreens

Twitter: @CBridgeGreens

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