Green World

Green Party of Nova Scotia

Green Party of Canada
Interim Leader: Amita Kuttner

Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands

Mike Morrice, MP for Kitchener Centre

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Mike Schreiner, Leader, Green Party of Ontario

Members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

Green Party of New Brunswick Leader: David Coon

Members of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

Green Party of Prince Edward Island Leader: Peter Bevan-Baker
Stacey Danckert, PEI Green House Leader Hannah Bell, MLA, and Michele Braniff

Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Greens of British Columbia Leader: Andrew Weaver
Adam Olsen, Saanich North and the Islands MLA
Sonia Furstenau, Cowichan Valley MLA

Check out the Global Greens published list of elected Greens from all levels of government around the world.

(They seem to have missed our Canadian provincial MPs… have to do something about that 🙂 )