Why does CityTV think it is Okay to Censor What Voters Need to Hear?

Macleans Magazine just published its “Ontario election 2018 platform guide: Where the parties stand on everything from hydro bills to taxes to transit” which makes absolutely no mention of the Green Party at all.

And tonight, Mike Schreiner has been excluded from CityTV’s televised Leadership Debate.

If you care about democracy in Ontario, if you can get down to City TV in Toronto tonight, please join the silent protest about the Green Party’s exclusion from the debate.

A contingent of WRGreens has gone down to join the  silent protest.  Signs are welcome.  the Protest begins at 5:00 pm down at City TV News, 33 Dundas Street East in Toronto, and is scheduled to go on at least until the televised debate begins.
The Facebook event information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1649693598473089/

What else can we Do?

Devon Rowcliffe recommends:

“Can you please take five minutes to help Mike Schreiner be invited to the CityNews Toronto televised provincial leaders’ debate this Monday?

PHONE: 416-599-CITY (2489)
* press “4” for the general mailbox and leave a message (unfortunately their “Viewer Relations Dept” mailbox doesn’t seem to be working)

EMAIL (via web form): http://toronto.citynews.ca/contact-us-news-tips/

FACEBOOK (leave a comment): https://www.facebook.com/citynewstoronto/posts/10155297477146175

TWITTER (leave a comment): https://twitter.com/CityNews/status/992735787476226048

(Unfortunately their Instagram account doesn’t show comments)

AND… Please sign the petition at https://fairdebates.ca/