WRGreens visit Brantford-Brant Greens #ERRE

Greens in Brantford ~ Ken Burns, Temara Brown, Jason Shaw, Bob Jonkman ~ ERRE Community Dialogue

On Sunday, October 2nd the The Brantford-Brant Women’s, Youth and Seniors’ Liberal Clubs hosted the multi-partisan Brantford-Brant Electoral Reform Community Forum in the Odeon Building at the Laurier Brantford campus.

[Note: the CPC MP attended and spoke at the LPC event, and of course Greens were there by invitation as well.  Where was the NDP I wonder?]
Temara Brown explains electoral systems

Temara Brown described the six different electoral systems, a fairly difficult task, particularly when being challenged by unruly audience members at every turn.  But she carried it off. Temara Brown, Cambridge GPO
The event followed the usual Library of Parliament script for Community Dialogue suggested by ERRE.
Small Group Discussions
The Brantford Expositor covered the event in Forum puts spotlight on electoral reform

Bob Jonkman chats with LPC Ray Wong
Unfortunately there are some errors in the Expositor article. For instance, Michele Braniff was the 2015 GPC candidate.  As well as being a GPO Candidate, Temara Brown is the GPO’s Shadow Cabinet member for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

The article gives a capsule rundown of the 6 electoral Systems discussed, where the worst error in the article mischaracterizes the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system as “A variation of the preferential vote”.   Electoral systems are complex,  which is one of the many reasons why a referendum would be a bad idea at the best of times.

Historically, STV predates AV by a few decades, so it would be more correct to say AV is a variation of STV.  But that’s just semantics. The real problem is that STV is perhaps the best system of Proportional Representation, while AV is a winner-take-all system much like our First Past The Post.
Post Community Dialogue dialogue, with Jason Shaw (FVC) and Temara Brown (WRGreens Cambridge)
Even so, it was nice to see some balanced coverage of the ERRE event.  For the most part, Canada’s Main Stream Media is making no bones about it’s desire to retain the status quo.  That is perhaps the biggest reason Canadians are so woefully uninformed about electoral reform options.  Instead of informing Canadians of our options, or even actually reporting on the ERRE consultation process, the media tables at ERRE consultation events are standing empty.  So kudos to the Expositor for reporting the news!


Ken Burns (Brantford-Brant candidate), Temara Brown (WRGreens Cambridge GPO Candidate), Jason Shaw (Fair Vote Canada) and Bob Jonkman (WRGreens Kirchener-Copnestoga and Fair Vote Waterloo)
Ken Burns (Brantford-Brant), Temara Brown (WRGreens Cambridge GPO Candidate), ________, ________, Jason Shaw (Fair Vote Canada) and Bob Jonkman (WRGreens Kitchener-Conestoga and Fair Vote Waterloo Co-Chair)

In spite of the Main Stream Media obstructionism, the process marches quietly on.

And a good thing, too.


Voting Reform in #Brantford-Brant Today! #ERRE #Q

Haven’t had your fill of electoral reform yet?   Come on out to the Brantford this afternoon for a multi-partisan look at Electoral Reform.

Brantford-Brant Electoral Reform Community Forum

womenSunday at Laurier

Get the facts and have your say at this Electoral Reform Forum!

This is a non-partisan event officially recognized by the government intended to discuss the issues surrounding electoral reform.

temaraThe federal Liberal government has set up a wide ranging consultation process to inform the all-party committee in Parliament which will be making recommendations to the government in December. A report will be submitted to the committee based on input received at this event.

WRGreens own Temara Brown (Cambridge GPO) will be giving the Green Party perspective on electoral reform at this event.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
Brantford-Brant Electoral Reform Event
1pm – 3pm
Laurier Brampton Campus
The Odeon Building
50 Market St. ~ Rm 110
Brantford, ON
(parking behind building)

[You can Register if you like, but it is not required]

The Electoral Reform consultation process wraps up Friday (October 7, 2016) so this may very well be your last chance to attend an event.  Get the facts on electoral reform!

Submissions to the consultation can be made until midnight, October 7th, 2016. Then the process takes the next step up the ladder.
Submissions to the consultation can be made until midnight, October 7th, 2016. Then the process will take the next step up the ladder as the ERRE Special Committee on Electoral Reform studies the question.

Every Canadian who wants to should have a say to help shape what our system looks like for 2019! This is your chance!

Busy October Weekend! @KWPeace #ERRE

WRGreens will be represented at two important events this weekend.

OCTOBER 1st, 2016

Perspectives on Peace:
Local Approaches for Positive Change
Perspectives on Peace logo

Saturday October 2016
4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Queen Street Commons Cafe
43 Queen Street South
Kitchener, Ontario

The Peace and Social Justice organizations in Kitchener-Waterloo came together for a symposium and workshop on creating a positive change in our local community.   The event began with Keynote Speaker Dr. Simon Dalby, CIGI chair, whose work focuses climate change, political ecology, geopolitics, global security, environmental change, militarization, and the spatial dimensions of governance. Then after the speaker we will have sharing by local groups about their goals and projects, and collaborative visioning for the future of our community.stacey

As you know, peace and social justice issues are values important to the Green Party.  Stacey Danckert (Waterloo GPO) spoke for the WRGreens.

A hearty vegan local seasonal meal was provided.

This event is put on by KW Peace, a collective of peace and social justice groups passionate about working together and finding ways to encourage collaboration in our community.  Please visit our website at http://kwpeace.ca/, where we also have an event calendar that advertises events related to peace and social justice.  This event is part of IDOPAN – International Days of Peace and Nonviolence.

OCTOBER 2nd, 2016

Brantford-Brant Electoral Reform Community Forum

womenSunday at Laurier
temaraBrantford Campus

The Odeon Building
50 Market St. ~ Rm 110
Brantford, ON
(parking behind building)


Temara Brown (Cambridge GPO) will be speaking on behalf of WRGreens at Wilfred Laurier University’s Brantford Campus.
Have Your Say at the Electoral Reform Forum this Sunday!