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Elect Karla Villagomez Fajardo for Federal Election 2021!

My name is Karla Villagomez Fajardo, I am a student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying political science, with an option in social entrepreneurship, and a minor in leadership.

I am running as the Waterloo candidate because, I firmly believe that this is the decade to solve the climate crisis once and for all, and by any means. I have been a passionate advocate for progressive social justice for as long as I can remember, starting my first green initiative in grade 5 called the green team.

I have spent time working with the LGBT+ community, BIPOC communities, and gender-based communities as well learning valuable perspectives first hand. I am eager to get to know the Waterloo community more intimately, listening to the issues affecting our city, and tackling the problems of today, for a better tomorrow.

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