Community Access BikeShare

Bikes at City Hall

The first time I heard about the Working Centre’s CAB (Community Access Bike “bike share” was back in 2015 when I spotted the rank of bicycles in front of Kitchener City Hall.

Although we tend to view bikes as a recreational toy, the reality is that bikes make a lot of sense as a vehicle in urban settings.  Riding a bike isn’t just environmentally friendly, it is great excercise, too.  Owning and maintaining your own a bike is certainly more economical than owning a car, but joining a bike share program may suit  your needs even better as you’re relieved of the hassle of maintenance, and you don’t need a place to store your bike, either.

The idea is simple; bikeshare bicycles are there for the taking; all you need is a membership. Membership is $40 + HST per year for a season that runs from April through November… but apparently the fee is reduced to $25 +HST since we’re well into the season.

For more information you can always find out more from The Working Centre.

Community Access Bike Share at Waterloo Open Streets


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